Ultrafiltration systems for biomass concentration

With the use of ultrafiltration instead of the traditional static thickener it is possible to maintain a very high concentration of biomass in the biological system (up to 40-45 g/lt), with a very clear effluent, protected from every bulking effect (mud floating).

The high concentration of Total Solids (TS) increases the system stability, making it more resistant to toxic agents and more flexible with respect to the polluting input loads.

The system eases the mineralization of the organic mass, consequently reducing the quantity of mud to be disposed.

The very high knocking down rates make this kind of system preferable to the traditional ones, whereas the quality of the wastewaters to be cleaned would be especially heavy in terms of pollutants.

Coupling this system with an NF system or with an RO system allows to obtain dischargeable wastewaters lined up with the most severe regulations, usually recyclables, and we may, in some cases, reach zero discharge level.

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