whey concentration

Whey concentration

For whey concentration, TECN.A. designs and assembles two types of membrane systems:

  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Nanofiltration systems

Reverse osmosis removes the water from the whey, concentrating it up to 3 times its initial volume: this allows to achieve enormous savings in both whey transportation and in the evaporation processes for its pulverization.

The nanofiltration, on the other hand, removes the water and the monovalent salts (sodium and potassium chlorides) and some of the calcium and magnesium salts from the whey, thus achieving the whey concentration and a partial demineralization of it.

In comparison with reverse osmosis, higher concentration values are reached which, together with a reduced presence of ashes, ensure a concentrated product with higher protein content.

These unequivocal advantages are, unfortunately, countered by a worse permeate quality, so if an adequate effluent treatment plant is not present, a reverse osmosis system that treats the permeate will have to be coupled with the nanofiltration one.

In zootechnics, in the breeding of calves for white meat, the use of whey, concentrated with our membrane processes, provides the farmers with secure and substantial economic benefits.

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