membrane systems for dairies and zootechnics

Membrane systems for dairies and zootechnics

TECN.A. operates in the milk area dairy industry by creating and assembling, in its own factory, a wide range of membrane systems for filtration and concentration
These systems enable the user to tackle and solve all the problems related to the treatment of milk and whey, bestowing a high added value to these products.

Particularly, TECN.A., with over twentyfive years' experience in the area of membrane filtration, produces:

  • Membrane systems for milk and brine microfiltration, milk and whey ultrafiltration, whey nanofiltration and reverse osmosis.
  • Biological systems with MBR technology, in order to increase the efficiency of traditional plants, also reducing the needed space.

TECN.A. systems may be semi-automatic (recommended for small capacities) or fully automatic, with the cleaning cycles managed by PLC and touch panel. All pressure pumps are controlled by inverter.

All systems are supplied assembled on skids and hydraulically and electrically pre-tested, for a simpler and quicker on-site installation.

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