heavy metals

Filtration systems with selective ion exchange resins
for heavy metals removal

Selective ion exchange resins may be directly used on the rinsewaters which contain heavy metals and so turn out to be the only treatment stage.

Their peculiar characteristic is of being able to exchange only the heavy metals and let pass all other cations and anions, usually not polluting, allowing to reach high cyclic yields with consequent managerial savings.

The system turns out to be easily manageable, being of physical type only, so also the purifying outcomes are not influenced from variables such as conduction mistakes, erroneous dosing of reactives, non-efficient instrument system.

Regeneration produces a concentrate which, depending on the frequency of the regenerations, may be normally treated only in batch chemical physical systems (the clear solution is again treated in the selective resins system) or handed over to a third party for disposal.

In some cases we have employed selective resins systems as pretreatment of demetalization on concentrated wastewaters containing complexed metals.

One good example of this application is the post-treatment after catalytic reduction of chemical copper (Pluriol, Quadriol complexes) in the P.W.B. industry.


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