primary water

Reverse Osmosis systems for primary water demineralization

TECN.A. designs reverse osmosis industrial systems suitable for the demineralization of brackish waters (tap water or ground water) to produce demineralized water of the highest quality.

Peculiar characteristics of our systems are their modularity, high efficiency and high degree of automation.

All systems are pre-mounted and tested at our main factory before shipment to the client.

The pre-assembled choice of models we fabricate ranges from 250 lt/h up to 36.000 lt/h.

In comparison with the traditional methods of demineralization with ion exchange resins, Reverse Osmosis has the following advantages:

  • Low running costs
  • No use of chemicals
  • High reliability of the process
  • Complete organic substances removal
  • Removal of all microorganisms (bacteriologically pure water).

Our technical department verifies each project with special calculation software provided by the membranes’ manufacturers, establishing - according to the input water analysis - the qualitative characteristics of the produced water, along with the energetic efficiency and the system efficiency.

Dosage of antiscalant products is also calculated according to the critical compound saturation percentages in the concentrated flow.


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