TECN.A.'s Technologies

Primary objective for us is to help saving our client's water and costly chemicals. 
We obtain, wherever possible, the recycling of the wastewaters and the recovery of the spent solutions.

Our technology is founded on the design of chemical-physical systems, systems with selective ion exchange resins, filtration and separation systems with membranes, such as ultrafiltration and microfiltration, nanofiltration and inverse osmosis, dialysis, with special attention to the design of pre-assembled systems, thus facilitating installation and startup.

The proposed solutions are finalized to the best relationship of cost/effectiveness, with total respect of the limits imposed by environmental laws.

Every system is customized according to the client's needs and designed to guarantee, in time, the respect of the anti-pollution laws, maintaining its original functionality: designing is done taking in consideration every aspect, from the optimization of space to the choice of the employed materials.




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